Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Customize your Sole!

Luichiny Pardon Me in it's Mollyified mode.
Custom made for Melissa Gorga of The Real Housewives of New Jersey by Molly M.Collier of Studio M Boutique


Whatta Day, Whatta Day!! Not only did I 'meet' a new shoetastic friend, but I also saw new colors of Luichiny's fall line.  SCORE!!  My new diva friend does what I call SoleArt, FabU lust customized art on the soles of platform pumps.  Her work with Luichiny, OF COURSE caught my eye, and it was LOOOOOOVE at first sight!!  She is the fancy fingered Molly M.Collier of Studio M Boutique in Maplewood, MO.

She takes stilettos to the next level by hand-painting and detailing them, with stones, gems and floral delights with gives each diva a customized shoe that NO ONE has!  To get your own pair of customized stilettos you can visit Studio-M-Boutique.com or 'Like' Studio M on Facebook.


According to her Facebook page most of her custom designs starts at $100 - not including the shoes or shipping.  If you chose to have your own shoes Molly-ified, you can have them shipped or stop by Studio M Boutique in St. Louis, Missouri.  For further information and inquire about pricing or to schedule a private consultation for a customized design ideas, please send an email to Studio.M.Desginer@gmail.com.

On to the SNEAK PEEKIN' of Luichiny Fall 2012~>

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