Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dinahmite Glam For Sale

My Ebay experience totally BLOWED, so I have switched to a less competitive and more stylish forum.   

After only 1 day, I knew it was a joke...I'm a real hustler, so REAL recognized REAL!  Shoes and Handbags are over-saturated on eBay -- there's way too much competition for these items on eBay already. And in most cases, the only sellers who are able to be successful selling these items are larger, high-volume, usually well-established eBay sellers with lots of money to invest in buying products by the truckload, placing orders of $100,000+ at a time, so they can then underprice everyone else and sell their products for a fraction of what other sellers can.  I'd rather deal with a site that monitors against PHUCKERY.  So, come to my boutique at will remain as a BOUTIQUE and not a mass listing type situation.  Bookmark my link:  I will be uploading often, with a mix of NEW, vintage, makeup, shoes, bags, and eleganza!

Thanks for you time and support! God Bless!

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